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Electric Elk

X-1 (A133-CS Prototype)

X-1 (A133-CS Prototype)

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Motor: 500W - 48v BLDC

Battery:  1.44KWh LiFePO4 (48v x 30Ah)

Other upgrades:

  • 300w 12v DC power inverter
  • Front day time running lights and sequential turn signals
  • Rear (high) LED Brake/Running Lights + Sequential Turn Signals
  • Manual Windshield Wiper
  • 60W Headlights with beam mode AND strobe mode.
  • "Wood"grain "dash" board
  • Carpet cargo area

Mileage: ~1000miles (various speedometers and odometers were being tested / calibrated on this model - the "punchline" is that it has about one year of normal commuting wear and tear)

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